Tony Shure



Tony Shure, an NYC native and lifelong traveler, is co-founder of Chopt Creative Salad Company, the incredibly popular fast-casual salad company with restaurants across the country.Frustrated with the lack of healthy eating options in college, Tony, alongside best friend Colin McCabe, imagined a restaurant that specialized in salad, drawing flavor inspiration from around the world. Upon graduating, the two took a cross country road trip to explore the dining landscape while building their business plan and opening menu. In 2001, Chopt opened its first location in Union Square in NYC and has since grown to over 50 locations across seven states.Tony believes that dining at Chopt should feel like flipping through the pages of a travel magazine. To that end, he can most often be found traveling across the country or around the world in search of the most craveable flavors, interesting ingredients, and talented artisans to share with others.
When he’s not on the road, you’ll find him tucked away in a booth at any one of the Chopt locations munching on the latest salad innovation and dreaming up where his flavor missions will take him next.