Sean McGuinness

Director of Hospitality


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Sean McGuinness was a featured speaker at RestaurantSpaces’19. Read the summary of his talk here.

As an alumnus of Arizona State University’s College of Architecture, Sean McGuinness is a Certified Development, Design & Construction Professional, as well as ICSC’s “20 under 40” Top Industry Influencers. With over 16 years of experience in the development industry, Sean’s passion and interest for the restaurant industry grew rapidly. Throughout the years, he pursued an education in restaurants and has worked on the operator’s side. He also spent a year working with culinary innovation teams, where he developed and learned the uncompromising commitment of the business.

As the Hospitality Business Director for Sargenti, Sean understands how client and consultant partnerships, as well as the creation and concepts of designs can lead to the success of a business. He continues to stay current with operations, culinary, supply chain, technology and legislative policies that surround the restaurant industry. His mission is to become the go-to-guru of the nation’s toughest business niche for modest services such as blueprints and architectural plans to something as grand as full-on concept development.

Sean continues to facilitate a conversation and exchange of ideas among restaurant executives at corporate and franchise levels, covering topics on architectural and design trends in the market. His diverse knowledge within the field has enabled him to partner with some of the most highly-recognized businesses in the world.

“I strongly believe that integrity, innovation, hard work and professionalism are the qualities that have built the foundation of Sargenti and helps it continue to grow successfully.” – Sean McGuinness