Nicole Poole

VP, Hospitality + Entertainment


Nicole Poole, the Vice President of Hospitality + Entertainment, always looks for ways to bring sustainability into her projects. She’s been involved with various projects throughout her tenure in the AEC industry, and one of her independent projects, One Fifty One, won the IIDA Red Award for the best new design in the Hospitality category. She spent more than 10 years of her career working with the Topgolf account and developed the concept from three venues to over fifty nationwide with multiple prototype buildings—which laid the groundwork for the projects she has led while at HFA. Nicole proudly leads the Hospitality + Entertainment team at HFA as Vice President, while also leading our innovative approach to concept design, Matchstick by HFA. This concept design service is hyper-focused on the patron’s experience. Their first goal is always to create an experience that makes sense for your customers and creates a natural flow through your space. By diving in early and determining patron profiles at the beginning of a project, Nicole and her team can ensure that they craft a space that will not only be fun and inviting for the patrons but will also meet the needs of the employees that will be using the space, as well.  Nicole and her team have worked together on many entertainment projects like Home Run Dugout, Blue Jeans Golf, and Smash Park, which take an innovative look at beloved sports and turn them into entertainment venues where patrons can gather and create new traditions with family and friends—simultaneously delivering the same nostalgia they got when experiencing the real thing for the first time. Other projects that her Retail + Hospitality group has in the works include WorldSprings, Happy Dave’s, and many more to come!