Mike Snyder

Senior Director, Design & Construction


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Mike Snyder was a featured speaker at RestaurantSpaces ’17


Mike Snyder is responsible leading the design, architecture, construction, materials procurement, asset management and facilities for Newk’s Eatery. Mike is currently working on developing a prototype that reduces the current footprint and delivers the same guest experience as the larger prototype. He is working to reduce the overall development cost of the current prototype by 10% through evaluating mechanical plans, finish materials, and overall project time savings. Mike is responsible for reporting project status and timelines to key stakeholders in the company.

Mike previously held the similar position of Sr. Director of Development with Corner Bakery for over 9 years. During this time, Corner Bakery grew from 86 units to over 200 by transitioning from a medium rate company growth to a dominate fast track franchise growth model. He implemented processes and procedures that helped make that transition successful. Mike also refreshed and remodeled over 75 locations during his tenure. Rollouts that support initiatives are an area of expertise for Mike.