Brian Solis

Futurist & Bestselling Author

Brian Solis is one of the world’s leading digital anthropologists, futurists and world-renowned keynote speaker. Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio recently referred to Brian as, “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time.” Forbes called Brian, “”One of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time.” And, ZDNet named Brian as “One of the 21st century business world’s leading thinkers.”

In addition to his research, Brian is also an award-winning author of eight best-selling books including his newest and most personal effort, Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life. His previous business books include, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, What’s the Future (WTF) of Business and The End of Business as Usual.

Based in Silicon Valley, Solis studies disruptive technology and its impact on business as well as innovation, experience design, culture dynamics and digital behaviors. He also explores how technology affects and shapes behaviors, norms and society. Through his research and published work, he humanizes disruptive trends to help leaders understand how technology, markets and people are evolving and how to drive innovation and growth.

With a loyal online audience of over 700,000 people online, his work makes him a sought-after thought-leader to leading brands, celebrities such as Oprah, Shaq and Ashton Kutcher and over 1,000 startups around the world.